About our store & Deli

The Dodgingtown Market & Deli is always about people being Family. From being greeted by our staff when you enter our Deli, to giving back to the community we serve. Inside Dodgingtown Market & Deli, customers will find a store layout that means ease of service, easy to locate products,  a "Grab and Go" cooler of on sight prepared main courses, and Deli Case with Boars Head products. We offer a large selection of Specialty sandwiches in addition to a rotating list of Daily Specials. We cater now and are introducing online ordering as well.

The Persaud family moved from Suriname, South America, to the US between 1996 and 2005. Leaving the security of their home, they came to America for a better life, which they understood would take a lot of hard work.  Putting all resources together they set off for a land of promise and opportunity.

In 1996 the younger sister of the family, Sattie Persaud, arrived in the US and with $30 dollars in hand and with help from family and friends, she managed to get and work 3 jobs, putting herself through college in the evenings, the first female in 8th generations to make it beyond 3rd grade. Graduating in 2002 with a degree in Accounting, her older sister Gita arrived with her family.  In 2005, their parents arrived. Working together, Gita got a job at a beer distributor in NY and worked there for 13 years. In 2016 the Family bought their first home in Sandy Hook CT. Being laid off in the pandemic, resources were pooled again together so the family can acquire the Dodgingtown Craft & Spirits in OCT 2020 and now the Dodgingtown Market & Deli. Always living around NY and CT, the Family fell in love with the history of the Dodgingtown Market and Deli and living here for five plus years, made the bond stronger.

 "We are honored to be here and serve our community in Newtown CT." Gita Daka.